Letter to the editor: Why you should vote for TJ Donovan as Attorney General

Why you should vote for TJ Donovan as Attorney General

In the event that voters are asking, "Why should I vote for TJ Donovan?" I have some points that are worth a look. In 2004, I was convicted of a crime. I served my time. The experience had an impact on not only the victim, the victim's family, but to the community to which I belonged.

At the time of my release back to the community, I was dealing with the humility of facing my family, friends and community.

Few members of my circle of friends remained. Fewer still were willing to provide me with an opportunity to re-integrate and give me a chance to look forward in a positive light. Then I had occasion to talk with TJ Donovan. Mr. Donovan was the rare exception to the rule. TJ showed compassion for me and my effort to rebuild my life in a positive way. While cognizant to the reality that I had harmed not only a person but a community, Mr. Donovan took the time to listen to the issues I had with regard to subjects such as the mistreatment of prisoners in out-of-state, the problems with a distant for-profit prison, and the obstacles faced by offenders reentering the community.

We want an Attorney General that will lead Vermont, one who has been on the battle lines, and one stands tough for the victims of crime. We also want an Attorney General willing to listen to those who have committed the crime, who, without being soft on offenders, shows that he will allow one to work hard, to attempt to repay the debt and to mend the harm, restoring that person to the community with opportunities.

Michelle Obama said "We learned about honesty and integrity — that the truth matters...that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square."

TJ Donovan's honesty and integrity is what makes him a success. Those qualities earn him my vote and hopefully yours.

— Timothy Burgess Waterville


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