Letter to the editor: Why I am voting for my wife

Why I am voting for my wife

Putting aside the mountain of personal consequences that would flow from my voting against her, I am — for four reasons — voting for my wife, Linda Joy Sullivan, for the Vermont House of Representatives (serving Danby, Dorset, Landgrove, Mt. Tabor and Peru).

First, Linda is really smart and accomplished. As a sole proprietor, Linda knows what it takes to run a small business. Linda's also earned an MBA, is a CPA and has done loads of other interesting things in her professional career. Linda knows finances and, as a public auditor, understands the importance of government being fiscally responsible, of elected officials being scrupulously honest, and of lawmakers being held strictly accountable for their uses of public money.

Second, Linda is committed to community and family. Linda founded and runs a non-profit that has helped over 3,000 young people -- victims of human trafficking -- around the country. Linda is a gubernatorial appointee to the Vermont Council for Children and Families Prevention Programs. Linda is also a Justice of the Peace in Dorset, regularly goes to community meetings and events and has made many new friends in each of the five towns in our District.

Third, Linda appreciates that it's critical that people have an effective voice. Linda isn't running out of some personal ambition, or to advance a party or political agenda. What drives Linda is her passion for speaking for people who need to be heard. Whether it's for a victim of abuse bound up in the court system, for a client needing help in their business, or simply for a neighbor requiring the help of a neighbor, Linda has served many as an effective advocate. Linda is running because she believes she can help those of us here in southern Vermont have a more powerful voice "up north."

And, fourth, I am voting for her for all the reasons that I married her -- Linda has a huge heart, is brilliant, funny, engaging and compassionate, and she has an incredibly infectious smile. Would Linda, armed with all that, have the tools to best represent us in Montpelier? You bet. That's why I'm voting for Linda Joy Sullivan!

— Allan Sullivan Dorset


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