Letter to the editor: What I am voting for

What I am voting for

• For the extreme reduction of red tape in government.

• For the protection of the unborn child in the womb.

• For judges who will vote according to the Constitution and not their political leanings.

• For respect by world leaders towards our United States.

• For reduction of taxes for individuals and corporations.

• For reduction of our national debt.

• For opening of all state borders for all insurance companies.

• For a secure immigration system.

• For elimination of sanctuary cities.

• For jobs to return to the USA from foreign countries

• For the teaching of true American History and the 2 + 2 = 4 math

• For a better education for minorities to include proper speech and grammar

I will vote for any candidate who is for the people and not their own glory and power, and will follow through on what I have listed above. I don't care what nationality, color, creed, or personality or gender as long as they are up front, honest, and love our country and the Constitution we were founded upon, the best in the world.

— Bill Wolfe Bennington


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