Letter to the editor: Vote for Trump to end corruption

Vote for Trump to end corruption

It's pretty well exposed now.

Just pick up any newspaper. Look online at any of the major network sites. Turn on the TV to any ABC, NBC, MSNBC .It's all about the Money: The corruption of our political process and the money. There are no Democratic and no Republican parties They are really one in the same. There is only the money and the corruption that our current government and the politicians that we elected.

The Roman Empire fell under its own weight of corruption...perhaps a $20 trillion deficit may bring us the same. Take a good look at why we are in the mess we are in, and you will see that it's all about politics and favors. Is there someone above this corruption? Is there someone that understands the corruption? Is there someone who can correct the money and favors and the corruption before we fall under the weight of the $20 trillion?

I don't want a choir boy, and I don't need any sanctimonious people talking about morality.

I want a leader. I want someone who can build and create and bring prosperity to the masses. Stop the corruption, do this for the future of your country.

Vote Trump.

— Leonard Giroux Bennington


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