Letter to the editor: Violence the fault of left-wing radicals

Violence the fault of left-wing radicals

I see that Donald Trump has run into the next tactic of the "liberal" left wing radicals. Of course, everybody from the media to the Republicrats are blaming him for the violence that is starting to occur. In Chicago, where the greatest amount of violence has occurred it wasn't until the Trump followers had left that the real violence had occurred. No, it wasn't between the Trump and the anti-Trump force; it was between the anti-Trump forces and the police. In this writer's opinion if the angel Gabriel was standing in the way of the radical left they would have been causing the same type of trouble.

Everyone is supposed to think that the Trump forces are the evil doers, but that was because people never seem to understand Marxist tactics. For instance Hillary was quick to label Trump's followers as radicals. However, I would like to ask Hillary why then if she is a pacifist did she just hire Van Jones to work for her? Van Jones is one of the most radical communist anti-American whoever infiltrated our society. He has blood on his hands, but don't believe me look him up on your trusty laptop.

— Lawrence Harrington Shaftsbury


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