Letter to the editor: Vermont's integrity deficit: Why I support Lt. Governor Phil Scott

Vermont's integrity deficit: Why I support Lt. Governor Phil Scott

The announcement by the State of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation that Wells Fargo and Raymond James have entered into settlements with the State of Vermont stemming from fraud allegations is another wake up call for Vermonters as they should be cautious with candidate Bruce Lisman who honed his skills on Wall Street working at now bankrupt Bear Stearns. Many lost money, but Mr. Lisman walked away with a $50 million fortune.

Despite numerous fraudulent schemes surrounding Mr. Lisman at Bear Stearns including with independent firms whom Bear handled the clearing of trades for these independent firms, many were prosecuted by the SEC for fraudulent scheme(s) along with Bear Stearns itself.

As if Vermont needs any more evidence of concern, Mr. Lisman has yet to explain the campaign contribution he accepted from Richard Harriton who is a former colleague of Mr. Lisman's from Wall Street who was previously barred by the SEC for involvement in a $75 million fraudulent scheme.

Vermont has been rocked by two large fraud investigations; one involving theft of foreign funds with the EB-5 program, and another involving healthcare fraud of state and federal governments, commercial insurance companies and hundreds of patients who were denied refunds of their patient credit balances for a decade at The Brattleboro Retreat, evidence very clearly why integrity should matter in Vermont now more than in any recent memory.

Lt. Governor Phil Scott not only cares about the well-being of all Vermonters but he has demonstrated over his entire life the inherent trait of doing for others which is the hallmark of those who are genuinely motivated by public service. Bruce Lisman and his Campaign of Lies, his embrace of fraudsters and his work on Wall Street while numerous fraudulent schemes were hatched at Bear Stearns and its affiliates, evidence why Mr. Lisman is not the best choice for Vermont as we need a trusted leader who has an established track record grounded in integrity. We have just wasted two years with the Democratic majority in the legislature re-electing Governor Peter Shumlin following the narrow outcome in the last election two years ago.

Governor Peter Shumlin calls those now under criminal investigation at The Brattleboro Retreat including former Retreat CEO Rob Simpson his "friend." Vermont doesn't need any more "friends" or fraudsters, we need Phil Scott.

I encourage all Vermonters who care about our troubled state to participate in Early Voting available at your local Town Clerk's Office and to support Lt. Governor Phil Scott in the August primary and general election. As the Vermont Democratic party are collectively responsible for $700M in new taxes since Gov. Peter Shumlin took office six years ago, provides the necessary clarity to understand that Democratic candidates Sue Minter, Matt Dunne and Peter Galbraith have no legitimate claim to the Governor's office in this election cycle. Indeed, Vermont suffers from an integrity deficit and Lt. Governor Phil Scott will restore it on Day One.

— Thomas Joseph Wilmington


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