Letter to the editor: Trump is unfit for presidency

Trump is unfit for presidency

This goes to the very heart of what makes one qualified to be Commander in Chief: If a presidential nominee cannot acknowledge the grief of Gold Star Families, then it indicates to me that he or she would have little or no conscience about sending American soldiers in harm's way. And simple acknowledgement of grief is not enough.

The greatest burden, to my mind anyway, is the thought that every president holds in his, or her, hands the unintended consequences that his or her decisions will have on the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women, children and their families. And for any nominee to casually and insensitively dismiss the grief of any family that has made the ultimate sacrifice underscores why Trump is unfit to be president.

This election is about principles. In the most fearful and difficult of times we sometimes have sacrificed our principles. We cannot capitulate to fear. We've given in to fear before and it has been to our everlasting shame.

These are difficult times filled with terrible acts by individuals and a minority of people who claim as a central precept of their religious beliefs that peace is a central tenet of their belief system. But this religion of "peace", in the violent acts of some of its adherents, is not alone when it comes to violence committed by fellow religious zealots.

Too many Americans have allowed fear to guide them instead of the underlying principles that have made us the beacon of hope that we have been to the world.

This election, at its core, is about relying, believing in and steeling ourselves to those core beliefs even in the face of horrible acts of violence and depravity.

The Kahn family is no clearer example of why we are still the beacon of hope to the rest of the world and why we must honor our core principles. The Kahn family has paid homage to those principles and so did their son who gave "the last, full measure of devotion" to us, his fellow soldiers and our country.

— Jim Carroll Bennington


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