Letter to the editor: Trouble with Post Office

Trouble with Post Office

I have currently been forced to wonder what happened to the word " Service" in the phrase " United States Postal Service." The reasons follow.

Before needing to be out of town for several weeks starting the first of the year I went to the post office and filled out the yellow mail forwarding card requesting our first class mail to be forwarded and the rest to be held at the post office to be picked up, at a minimum, by my son at least weekly. I was told this was not possible and the post had never done this. I explained that this had been done for at least the last six years and was told it couldn't have been and that only first class was forwarded and the rest was not. So I gave up on that.

As we expected to arrive home on March 18 I called the Bennington post office on March 8th to give them time to stop the forwarding and hold mail at the post office to be picked up. I was told " No problem".

On the 14th we received forwarded mail in Florida. I called again and spoke with a second person and was told the request had never been put in but would be corrected.

Three more pieces of mail arrived at the Florida address between the 21st and 24th . I went to the local post office on the 26th and was told that no mail was being forwarded. (?) On the morning of March 28th my son sent up the mail he had. Lo and behold, that afternoon 3 more bills arrived in Florida. On April 1st another bill arrived.

I was told by clerks and supervisor that this problem had something to do with White River, or Springfield and even Boston. This during three separate conversations.

So far 24 days after the first request the problem persists. Fortunately we had been staying at my sons house. If we had been renting, as we have done in the past, we very likely would never be getting our bills etc.

Looking for suggestions.

— Ron Alderman Bennington


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