Letter to the editor: Town hall too much for low incomes

Town hall too much for low incomes

There is no doubt Pownal needs more room in the town hall, however like any town, Pownal is a town made up of many different people with different financial backgrounds and everyone needs to be considered when money is needed for any costly improvements. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone's finances where equal, but nowhere in this world are they. It's great that some people don't have to think twice about spending money, but there are many low income people who are on fixed incomes and are having a hard time just paying for their necessities. Seems to me a way to raise money would be not only taxes but to supplement that money by donations from those that can afford to donate and methods such as bazaars, raffles, bake sales, etc. This would make all the people of Pownal proud to be a part of a new town hall.

— Lee Goralski Pownal


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