Letter to the editor: The governor's race

The governor's race

The highlights, at least for me, of the recent Q&A session (media-hyped as a debate) on Vermont PBS featuring the two main party candidates for governor have, to my knowledge, been ignored by the pundits. First was the incredible contrast between the recognized "character" of the participants and the civility, acuteness and relevance of their answers in contrast to what is being offered in the presidential race. It makes one feel good to be a Vermonter.

Second was the interesting and clear-cut difference in the "philosophies" of the two campaigns. One was all about "ends". The other was all about "means". The former focused on multiple ideas for improving the social condition, the ends. The latter focused on creating the economic resources that would allow such ends to be pursued, the means.

Which is the best "focus" for the next two years in Vermont – ends or means? A meaningful difference to contemplate and a meaningful choice that will be made by our November votes.

— Wavell Cowan Montpelier


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