Letter to the editor: The GOP cannot remain neutral

The GOP cannot remain neutral

Make America Hate Again! That is the platform and rallying cry of the new Republican party. When challenged about this, the GOP claimed neutrality during the primary process. Not the Democratic party. It still believes and endorses inclusion and unification. Until the GOP distances itself from this divisive rhetoric, not one Republican candidate deserves to win any election. By affiliation each Republican candidate represents bigotry. Within the last 100 years, we've seen the terrible remnants of bigotry. Millions have died in its name. The GOP is hiding behind the label of neutrality. You cannot be neutral about hatred and divisiveness. Until the Republican party shows concretely that it does not support and endorse hatred, and distances itself from candidates who defend bigotry, Democrats are the only candidates to elect.

— G. Geoffrey Lindemer Stowe


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