Letter to the editor: Take time to read doom and gloom

Take time to read doom and gloom

I see Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are arguing over what George Bush did or didn't do to prevent 9/11. I have yet to see any evidence on either side of the fence to validate a reason to take up our time with baseless rhetoric. Yet, I feel both of them know more than they are letting on.

It's a political trick politicians use to plead innocent when asked to admit or deny certain accusations. When Paul Ryan, during their debate, accused Joe Biden of not doing enough to prevent the slaughter of our ambassador and the Navy SEALS who fought so valiantly to defend him and the rest of our embassy in Benghazi, Biden jumped up and kept yelling over and over, "We didn't know, we didn't know, we didn't know," which of course was a big lie. They all knew that the tape was a phony dodge used by Hillary and the state department to hide behind to keep from having to help our guys while they were helping theirs, in my opinion.

That's all it took to send Paul Ryan to the showers and no one can make me believe that he didn't know the truth, but didn't want to face the facts to make the President have to defend the need to get rid of Saddam. But, the evidence was there, albeit rat holed by Senator Arlin Sector's Committee, I believe.

For example, there is much evidence that was delivered into the hands of the Bush administration, through the committee headed by Senator Arlin Spector. We can see that we were more than justified in going into Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein.

His Royal Guards were the real force behind the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma, and McVeigh was nothing more than a white wasp, as the Arabs called them, indicating dupes used to hide the dark skin that gives away their presence and purpose.

Ata was one of those Arabs using McVeigh and staying with him at that motel, where together they loaded the truck bomb during the day in plain sight of everyone. But, that's not all, after they successfully bombed the Murrah Building, they rigged McVeigh's lone license plate so he would be stopped by the police which he was just before he crossed the border into Canada.

But, here is the best part: Ara ET AL, left Oklahoma City and went down to Norman and enrolled in a flight school to learn how to fly a plane, not caring to learn how to land, but only how to get it off the ground. Stay tuned, it gets even more interesting.

After "graduating" from flight school, Ata ET AL, went to Boston where those not destined to ride the glory plane on 9/11 obtained employment in the food service company that supplied the lunches to the flights at the hub. They of course, wormed their way to a position where they handled the packing of the lunch boxes where they packed in box cutter knives along with the ham and cheese sandwiches.

The rest is history, I'm sorry to say.

Hog wash you say? Haven't got time to read such doom and gloom? This writer suggests that you better take time because it is later than you may think.

— Lawrence Harrington, Shaftsbury


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