Letter to the editor: Response to Bettis letter

Response to Bettis letter

I am one of the county organizers for Gun Owners of Vermont (GoVT) and can attest the officers nor members receive a penny of pay, we are all true volunteers whom live in this wonderful state.

I was also one of the GoVT members who made an appearance at the Gun Sense Vermont meeting that was cancelled at the last minute and I didn't see anyone carrying firearms. Were they? If it was concealed I wouldn't know. You make it sound like we all arrive in full militarized gear or with our bad black rifles over our shoulders which is not the case.

It was made very clear last legislative session that Gun Sense Vermont is funded by forces outside of this state so I as well as many other respectful firearm owners would like to ask what part of that is grassroots?

If your financing and salaries for your officers are coming from Michael Bloomberg and your organization among others are his personal puppets how is that grassroots?

How are any of Gun Sense Vermont tactics ethical at all? Oh right Gun Sense Vermont does not care about ethics, they are a "Whatever it takes" organization which includes spreading false information.

I also want to state that I am highly offended by your remark that firearm owners should kill each other, you make us out to be some violent crowd which just makes me laugh since most are the nicest people I have ever met.

We are not close minded people and I hope to see you specifically at our public forum on Nov. 14

— Joseph Crawford North Bennington


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