Letter to the editor: Republicans' best choice

Republicans' best choice

This year's primary election presents a rare chance for the Republican Party and for independent voters skeptical of the failed Shumlin policies to choose a candidate who promises to be something different than a mere continuation of the status quo. The obvious choice to achieve a new direction for Vermont is Bruce Lisman.

Mr. Lisman is a native Vermonter who followed the pattern of most historically famous Vermonters and chose to seek his fortune in places beyond our borders that have more vibrant economies and a wider range of opportunities to choose a career. He was very successful in this as he proved his worth and skills in the financial services industry as well as serving on several corporate boards. He returned to Vermont and has been active in public service here. He has served on the Board of Directors of the University of Vermont as well as several environmental and cultural organizations. His record of service to Vermont since his "retirement" is admirable.

Mr. Lisman's main problem as a candidate seems to be 'lack of name recognition' due to his not being a career politician. This he is working on with a vigorous 'meet and greet' campaign in all parts of the state, as well as numerous TV ads. Phil Scott, on the other hand, has a long career in public life and is familiar to many Vermonters. Mr. Scott's problem is that he suffers from an acute 'lack of ideas' problem. His years as Lt. Governor have amounted to a career as a political nothing burger. He is best described as the "Shumlin lite" candidate. Not once in his stint at Lt. Governor did he assume the role of leader of the 'loyal opposition' and question or challenge any of Shumlin's failed policies. Scott seems to feel that this entitles him to ascend to the Governor's chair as a reward for his patient obedience to Mr. Shumlin.

Bruce Lisman has promised to bring important changes to the status quo. In addition to his pledge to be fiscally prudent by linking state spending to actual revenues, he has proposed a series of acts to preserve the environment, deal with the confusing issues of education reform, aid our veterans with an income tax relief program on military pensions, and perform an active leadership role in the government.

Mr. Lisman brings to the state the benefits of his successful experiences in the outside world, and at the same time, puts the interests of Vermont as his top priority. He deserves all our support.

— Weiland Ross Sunderland


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