Letter to the editor: Remembering Barbara MacIntyre

Remembering Barbara MacIntyre

When I first ran for the Vermont Senate, I came to know Barbara MacIntyre; she immediately became a significant person for me on a personal and political level. She helped constantly with introductions and provided valuable information about Bennington. In fact she was an integral part of the beginning of my life in the Vermont Senate.

Soon thereafter, I came to know the fullness of Barbara's commitment to peace and justice. Her role in improving the lives of the people of Nicaragua whom she often visited and worked with over the years will have a lasting impact.

When Barbara stepped off the curb at the Four Corners in Bennington in protest of the invasion of Iraq resulting in a major disruption of traffic and in her arrest, she did so as matter of conscience. The Vermont Supreme Court later found her motive to be true and her arrest for obstructing traffic of no effect. This court decision also exonerated the other 11 protesters. Barbara continued her efforts on the peace and justice front along with many of the Bennington 12 taking the fight to stop the war in Iraq and its expansion to the streets of New York and Washington among others.

Barbara was a dissenter, a protester and thereby, exemplified what is most valuable in American life, the right to disagree in a respectful manner. This is Democracy at its finest. Barbara gave everything and took nothing. For those of us who knew her we can hope to make some attempt to follow the ethic of her selfless life and allow her life to be a part of our conscience.

— Bob Hartwell, Vermont State Senate, Bennington District, 2007-2014 Orleans, Mass.


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