Letter to the editor: Remember holocaust, honor veterans

Remember holocaust, honor veterans

In late 1945 at the close of World War II, a small group of US Army medical personnel, along with units of the Third Army were tasked with the liberation of the Nazi German concentration camp known as Buchenwald. Although these were battle-hardened soldiers they were shocked and heartbroken when they arrived to see the condition of those imprisoned. My dad was one of the medics among the liberators.

The suffering of those people began on Nov. 9, 1938 with the event known as "Kristallnacht" (Night of the Broken Glass) in German-occupied Austria. This atrocity began with Nazis breaking all the windows of the Jewish shop keepers and led to the arrest of tens of thousands of Jewish citizens. Ultimately this resulted in the murder of 6 million people including Jews, Roman Catholics, dissidents, as well as homosexuals. They were forced into concentration camps in Europe from 1938 to 1945.

The cry following World War II was "never again"; however, similar atrocities are occurring in the Middle East and throughout the world even in our own day. In some instances it would seem the world has forgotten. Let us all cry again: "Never Again"; and in the same breath, honor all veterans who have served our country and the world.

— John Zink Bennington


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