Letter to the editor: Letter wrong on Lisman's record and character

Letter wrong on Lisman's record and character

Thomas Joseph's July 12 letter in the Caledonian Record viciously attacking Bruce Lisman has no basis in reality and is a classic case of wild innuendo and smear.

The reality is that Bruce is a hard-working, self-made and honest businessman whose career spanned 40 years. He started as a dishwasher and a taxi driver and worked his way into the global equites division at a Wall Street firm, an area which had nothing to do with the toxic mortgage securities that caused such great economic harm.

Bruce has also generously provided scholarships to help 400 Vermonters attend college. He is a passionate environmentalist, serving as Chair of American Forests, a renowned organization for planting trees. Bruce also strongly supports the arts.

Given his business and civic background, Bruce is the best person to serve as the next Governor of Vermont. Joseph's endorsement of Phil Scott, after his illogical insults toward Bruce, is ironic because Scott sat as the chairman of the Senate's Institutions Committee, which oversaw state contracts while his construction company reaped in $3.7 million from state contracts. This doesn't seem ethical, but even if one wanted to check the proceedings of the committee meetings, they can't because Scott failed keep proper record of any of the meetings.

Phil Scott's promise of putting faith and trust back into the government sounds like empty words and more of a desire to fill his own pockets with more state money. The only candidate than can actually restore our trust in the government is the outsider that is championing an ethics board for our state: Bruce Lisman.


— Claudia Shapiro Williston


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