Letter to the editor: Letter was correct on Clinton


Letter was correct on Clinton

Victor R. Rolando's letter headed "Politics as usual?" in today's (Sept.9) "Your Opinion" column is the clearest, best-written, explanation of "how classified documents are identified" that I have read so far in this hyper-politicized election season. Assuming that Mr. Rolando knows what he's talking about, it would seem that if Secretary Clinton had bothered to find out how her government defines (and identifies) its security regulations, she might not have got herself into her present pickle. And Donald Trump would not have had such a field day at her expense.

Is it possible that none of Mrs. Clinton's advisors (if there are any she listens to) are as smart and well-informed as Mr. Rolando? Again assuming that Mr. Rolando knows what he's talking about, I would look forward to The Banner taking the lead in (and getting the credit for) circulating his letter to other newspapers.

— Bill Sweeney North Bennington


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