Letter to the editor: In response to letter on "rigged system."

In response to letter on "rigged system."

I am writing in response to Edmund Tomey's letter "Examples of what is a rigged system."

I'll take his complaints in numerical order:

1) "400 delegates committed to Hillary Clinton before the process began."

Yes, no super delegate has ever supported a candidate that did not win the pledged delegates and popular vote. She did.

2) "Denying election access data to the Sander's campaign."

The Sanders campaign hacked into the DNC and Clinton website and were caught and cut off for 48 hours.

3) "Scheduling debates when no one would watch them."

This I totally agree with, but I am not sure it was for Hillary's benefit. The Democrats have a history of hoping the GOP would look worse if they did all the talking.

The problem with Mr. Tomey's logic is that when they did have debates Clinton creamed Sanders. More debates would not have served him well.

4) "Limiting primary participation only to Democrats, and denying access to Independent voters, this is known as voter suppression."

No. Voter suppression is when Republicans cut off minorities and old people. The accusation when the GOP is using false voter fraud to cut off poor or liberal voters would be laughable if it were not so damaging to our cause.

5. "The Democratic Party has anointed Clinton. She is the face of the establishment and has brought the country to its knees."

Okay. This is the type of sound bite B.S. I so hate in politics. Appeals to emotion when facts no longer favor you. "On our knees!" "Shoved down our throats!" This is the appeal one makes when one can't accept facts. This appeal is disgusting, meaningless, horribly sexist, and totally inappropriate in a real political discussion.

Your letter indicates that "dog whistles" are not merely the province of the right. I don't know if Hillary Clinton is going to lead us to the dreams of liberals, but I know she is not going to lead us to more tax cuts to the wealthy, more laws restricting women's health and more laws treating the poor like an investment banker telling a panhandler to get a job.

If you are a true Sanders supporter like I am you will vote for Hillary.

— Chris Montgomery Bennington


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