Letter to the editor: In response to "Donald Trump: A friend in need"

In response to "Donald Trump: A friend in need"

Wow! You have it backwards Mr. Graves. I see that you watch Hannity on Fox and if you would listen to what he has to say, you would know that for the past 50 years the Democrats always promise the minorities all kinds of handouts in exchange for their votes, and after they usually win their elections in these depressed neighborhoods, they don't deliver. So why repeat the same mistake hoping for a different result — so what do you have to lose, try me, Trump says. The rest of your article follows a form similar to a prior article wherein the writer states that he doesn't know the meaning of patriotism and concludes with calling patriots scoundrels and simpletons. Based on the current poles, Hillary is the one who needs a friend. Mr. Graves, R.I.P.

To the Editor: If these past two Op-ed pieces are examples of future writings, you will lose readership.

— Perry Green, chairman, Republican Party of Manchester


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