Letter to the editor: Glad Trump is running, don't want him to win

Glad Trump is running, don't want him to win

I don't want Trump to be president but I'm glad he's running because I'm angry. He stands for American exceptionalism and capitalism. I, too, am upset at how political correctness has taken over telling us what to say or not, kids wanting free college, and workers demanding and Democratic politicians advocating a $15 minimum wage.

Trump is rude, angry, condescending and isn't bashful with his comments. People love it because they're sick of being told we're racists when our president made race the cornerstone of his administration. We're distressed that socialism is our new American paradigm, that government knows what's best, and that global warming is our biggest threat.

It's very troubling that our borders are not controlled, and if illegals are deported they come back without consequences. It's offensive to be labeled misguided for rejecting Syrian refugees, yet Muslim countries refuse to take one refugee because of terrorism risks.

It's disconcerting to see Obamacare change our health care system where costs have accelerated and quality declined. It's upsetting to see politicians growing government with more waste and inefficiency to satisfy a redistribution and green agenda few accept.

Calling the Tea Party bigots is also rude because most are patriotic citizens tired of what's happening to their freedom and liberty. They're angry at the IRS for targeting conservatives and destroying evidence without consequence.

I don't like Trump's egotistical attitude and disrespectful approach but most of what he says resonates. He's calling it like it is. but he's not presidential.

— Frank Mazur

South Burlington


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