Letter to the editor: Examples of what is a rigged system

Examples of what is a rigged system

1. 400 hundred delegates committed to Hilliary Clinton before the primary process began.

2. Denying election data access to the Sanders campaign.

3. Scheduling Democratic debates by the DNC on Sunday evenings when there are lower viewing audiences.

4. Limiting primary participation only to Democrats, and denying access to Independent voters, this is known as voters suppression

The Democratic Party has anointed Clinton to be the nominee not because she addresses the critical issues, but because she is the face of the establishment which has brought this country to its knees. The combination of an inept and incompetent Congress along with corporate powers and concentrated wealth in the hands of a few, has brought us to where we are today.

Hilliary's issues are straight out of Bernie Sanders playbook. The two most cataclysmic events of this Century has given us the birth of ISIS. Hilliary voted for the Iraq war which led to the destabilization of the Middle East creating ISIS, Senator Sanders voted against the war, also NAFTA which Bill and Hilliary Clinton created, resulted in an economic disaster. Millions of jobs were exported to Mexico that has cost this country almost a Trillion Dollars.

Going forward the Democratic National Committee {DNC} ,has some difficult choices to make. Endorsing Hilliary who is in a virtual tie with Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders beats Trump by double digits according to recent polls. Since the Independents who are the largest voting block , Bernie has a significant loyal following by the Independents who have been ignored by the Democratic party. I am deeply disturbed by the lack of interest and the acceptance of the status quo of Seniors concerning the upcoming election. They as well as I have lived long enough to have learned how the country should function for the good of all it's citizens.

The younger generation knows there is something wrong with the system and express their grievances by showing up in huge numbers at Sanders rallies, and are very passionate about his ideas.

Bernie represents change, not the status quo. He is a decent honorable candidate who deserves to be our next President. Hilliary Clinton clearly does not represent the interest of the working class her interest lies in occupying the White House as the first female President and the power that comes along with the position.

There is no point in mentioning the middle class that has disappeared from our society ,thanks to the elites who care for no one other than themselves.

The Democratic party is anything but democratic.

— Edmund Tomey Dorset


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