Letter to the editor: Deb Bucknam for AG

Deb Bucknam for AG

Both candidates for Vermont Attorney General were impressive when they debated last week, but my vote will be going to Deb Bucknam, the Northeast Kingdom attorney. She has a plan and a methodology to come to grips with the state's unfortunate crisis of opioid addiction and attendant crime. As a practicing lawyer, Deb Bucknam has spent 37 years learning about people and what makes them tick. Her approach to the crisis is practical and straightforward; the plan makes sense. You can get a copy of her "7-Point Opioid Plan for Hope" by emailing Bucknam2016@gmail.com and requesting it.

I also like the fact that Deb Bucknam is from the most rural area of Vermont. Often it seems those who migrate to Montpelier from the Chittenden County megalopolis don't recognize that there is life out here--north, south, and west of their I-89 umbilical. I fear her opponent (who is part of the Burlington political apparatus) might be of that mindset.

Deb Bucknam is a practical Vermonter, not a politician. She isn't angling for higher office, and for that reason alone she is better-suited to serve as Vermont's Attorney General. In addition, it's time we had a woman occupy that office.


— Anne McClaughry Kirby


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