Letter to the editor: Come to Act 46 meeting

Come to Act 46 meeting

The citizens of Shaftsbury will face voting for a preferred option for the elementary school to comply with Act 46 in the very near future. We want that option to be the best choice for the children of Shaftsbury, the school and the town.

Act 46 is a complex plan about which voters should have an understanding in order to determine the future of the school and its students. The Act has strict time limitations that will force towns to formulate a plan very soon.

The consequences of not having a strategy are serious. The state will then decide how our school is managed, largely taking much of the control out of our hands. That could result in teachers and/or students being moved around to other schools in the region. It would also make Shaftsbury a minority participant in a larger district where decisions are based on school population. For example, if Shaftsbury Elementary needs an upgrade to the physical plant, additional teaching technology etc. it would have to be approved by the more numerous other districts and could be refused. I don't think any of us would like to see that happen.

You can find more about Act 46 at:


The goal of this meeting is to present and discuss the requirements of Act 46 and eventually develop Articles of Agreement that we can present to the State Board of Education. The deadline for this is November 30, 2017. That may seem to be a long time but several votes will need to be taken by the town and perhaps other towns and that stretches out the process. It is only a little over a year away!

Please try to attend this informational meeting on Wednesday September 21, 2016 at the Shaftsbury Fire House at 6:30 p.m. The future of Shaftsbury Elementary School and the education of your children will depend on your understanding and involvement in the process.

— Barry S. Mayer Shaftsbury


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