Letter to the editor: Bruce Lisman is the competent economic leader that we need

Bruce Lisman is the competent economic leader that we need

If you ask any student what they want after college, you'll likely find that nine out of ten will say that they simply want a good job. 42,000 young adults are enrolled in our colleges and universities and most are leaving after they receive their education because they can't find work in the Green Mountain state.

It doesn't take one with 35 years of business development experience, like myself, to see that those in the highest political positions in our state are making some very basic mistakes. They are spending more than the state takes in, and are avoiding implementing any sound economic development programs to grow the businesses that we have. This has created an unbalanced budget with forced benefit cuts for the Vermonters that truly need them. We have leaders, like Governor Peter Shumlin, that have actually created an atmosphere that has discouraged new enterprise by imposing unnecessary taxes. This harms the industries that create jobs!

We're finding a decline in projected revenues, a drop in job growth that has spanned three decades, and shrinking wages. What's more is that this migration of our working class out of Vermont has driven down our tax revenues and has put a severe strain on our social programs and other important state projects. Governor Shumlin has also failed in his efforts to craft a balanced budget and our state is spending more than we are taking in. This is not how you encourage prosperity within a state or a business. We need a governor that is willing to partner with job creators to understand what they need to be successful. Fostering job growth will present more opportunities for young people to stay in our state and grow our economy.

Understanding the needs of small businesses and enacting policy that will help them grow will also present our state with new job opportunities. There is no reason that our state leaders should be hindering the success of local businesses, and, out of all the current gubernatorial candidates, it is Bruce Lisman that has recognized this best.

We need a governor who understands the importance of working with Vermont colleges in order to help structure education that fits the specific needs of our employers. Vermont needs Bruce Lisman, the only candidate who is fit to take use in a new direction.

Bruce is a businessman and understands the value of quality jobs. When he worked in the financial services industry, he employed and managed nearly 2,500 employees. As a successful and respected manager, he worked tirelessly to understand the needs of each and every one of his employees and worked with them to foster individual success. This is exactly what we need in our education programs. One of Bruce's plans is to develop an entrepreneurship-coaching program that links young adults with local businesses and professionals. This link will encourage future job opportunities and present small businesses with the properly trained work force needed for their business to thrive.

Bruce is against taxes that make Vermont unaffordable, like the Shumlin-supported carbon tax. While the tax is a seemingly benevolent tax with an aim to protect the environment, Bruce was able to look past the frosting and see that the tax would burden Vermonters with higher home heating costs, and also burden businesses while providing negligible, if any, environmental benefit.

Bruce recognizes legislation that is bad for hard working Vermonters and understands a tax like this would create greater economic uncertainty.. This is something that Vermont doesn't need any more of. This is why Bruce Lisman has my full endorsement for governor of Vermont. He is just the fiscally minded kind of person that would be able to take our state out of the hole that the Shumlin administration has dug us into. Bruce will appoint proper leadership and has already developed a comprehensive plan to take Vermont into a prosperous future.

— Peter Stromgren Bennington


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