Letter to the editor: Benghazi criticism unwarranted

Benghazi criticism unwarranted

I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Nolan's letter to the editor (Banner Oct. 5) strongly criticizing Secretary Clinton on Benghazi, which I enumerate.

1. It defies logic to assert Clinton knew of a conspiracy to attack the consulate. Our intelligence community had no such knowledge, so how could Hilary?

2. It was a Republican led house which earlier had turned down a request for funding to increase security at our diplomatic missions.,

3. It was a Republican led House committee that spent two years investigating the incident and could find no smoking gun. Ergo the Secretary was not to blame.

4. We had military assets at sea and on the ground (Italy) who apparently did not respond with alacrity.

5. Benghazi was a consulate, not an embassy which normally have a contingent of marines for security.

6. The decision to overthrow Quadaffi, which lead to the instability of Libya, was a multilateral one, not a unilateral decision of the U.S. Indeed, the air strikes preceding the overthrow were NATO strikes. Clinton was neither the CIA or other intelligence director nor the Secretary of Defense. In hindsight she surely has strong regrets. However, the vitriolic bombasts against her are undeserved.

— Edward Scott Hoosick Falls, N.Y.


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