Letter: Debate format flawed


To the Editor:

The last two town hall debates between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been biased towards Hillary. She got to sit back stage watching and listening to Bernie answer questions and then she appeared and responded to his comments. He never was allowed that opportunity. Hillary criticised Bernie's comments and tried to cast doubts on his agenda after listening to him present his ideas and answer questions. How fair is that? It was obvious that she had the advantage, but could Bernie go second during the town hall last night(2-23)? No, of course not. This one sided debate format is typical of the DNC who want Hillary as the democratic candidate for president. The Two networks, MSNBC and CNN went right along with this unfair set up. It's become painfully obvious that the news media loves Hillary and thinks Bernie can't win. The DNC goes right along with the networks format. All of the so called experts on TV say Bernie has no chance and that his platform is pure fiction.

The truth is that neither Bernie nor Hillary can win the election. Hillary is way too flawed as a candidate (email scandal, not trusted and Benghazi) and Bernie is a self proclaimed "social-democrat" which is the kiss of death in politics. The liberal leaning media can hope and pray for a miracle all they want to, but that will not change the result. Donald Trump or any of the other republicans will trounce Hillary in a general election.

Regardless, Bernie needs to speak up about Hillary's flaws. He'll be doing us all a big favor.

Tom King



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