Kudos to the Quarryman

To the Editor:

I would like to offer my praise for Mr. Dick McDonough and his efforts to keep the Dorset quarry open to the public. When I read his letter to the editor, I was amazed to learn that he has received extensive complaints and criticism. I write this letter as someone who has enjoyed the quarry for nearly three decades; I am an enthusiastic fan of the fun, relaxation, and exercise available at the quarry. Prior to reading his letter, I was unaware of the expense and time Mr. McDonough has put into maintaining the quarry.

That neighbors would criticize him instead of heralding him comes as a great surprise. Mr. McDonough has kept a wonderful resource safe and clean, and thousands of swimmers enjoy it each year. The town fire department uses the quarry for training and firefighting purposes. It's an amazing place. Mr. McDonough has proposed viable alternatives to the parking and accessibility issues on Kelly Road and Black Rock Road. These sound very "doable" - and far more advantageous than Mr. McDonough closing the quarry to public use, which I fear would lead to host of resulting problems. I have lived in a community where a formerly open-to-the-public recreation space became private: The result included excessive trespassing and illegal disposal of hazardous waste in pristine land that used to be unofficially monitored by happy public users.

Mr. McDonough deserves three cheers for his generosity!

Sara Fry

(formerly of Pawlet)


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