Kitteredge Mortgage celebrates 30 years

MANCHESTER - Traditionally, 30th anniversaries mean gifts of pearls. However, pearls may not be the best way to celebrate with Kitteredge Mortgage Corporation. A Manchester staple for the last three decades, Senior Vice-President Mart Jane Kitteredge said she and her husband Richard started the company because it seemed like something they would enjoy doing and they wanted the independence of owning their own business.

Their doors opened in August 1983. Both Mary Jane and her husband had previously worked in the banking field. Their son Keith started out working part-time for the family business, but once he graduated from college, he joined his parents full time.

"I absolutely love helping people get into their home, whether it's their primary home or a vacation home," Mary Jane said. "It is kind of exciting and you really get to know people through this process."

Keith said working with his parents came easily, because as a family they have a common goal of making the business work. He started out working in the Manchester office and now runs the office in South Burlington. He said his parents work in the southern part of the state, while he covers the north. Kitteredge Mortgage Corporation is also a licensed lender in New Hampshire and New York.

He said for some people, working with their parents could be difficult, but for him it has been pretty easy.

"I really respect Mom and Dad's business acumen," he said. "Watching them build the business was really rewarding and I was glad to be apart of it."

Mary Jane and Richard have complementary business skills, he said, and this was what helped them find success. Keith said his father is a quintessential business man and very good at the details, while his mother is fantastic at making a sale. Together, they work very well.

This level of team work and loyal employees helped them weather the mortgage crisis and housing meltdown of 2008 and 2009. Mary Jane said they all had to come together and really tighten the belt.

"Business really did slow down and we were worried about what would happen next," she said.

Now that they made it through the crisis and business has begun to pick up again, Mary Jane said they will have a low key celebration to commemorate their 30 years in the business. She said the company will continue to serve with the same kind of devotion and interest they have with in the past.

"We are grateful for the people who have supported us over the years, and believed in our expertise and the ability to get the job done," she said.


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