Keep Vermont Weird

To the Editor:

Vermonters, if you are like me, my family of friends, colleagues, and most of the new people I meet, you'll notice the results of this political system are pretty alarming. You'll agree if we don't do something different, the years ahead are disastrous. Now for the good news. We ARE doing something about it and you can too without being rebellious about it. You can simply support De Udder Party.

Vermont is so hip and weird, we can all send our futures to greener pastures. Friends, this is a loving call to join the awakened, join the ready and willing, join the hopeful and secure. We have more to live for than corruption, despair and pollution. We have each other. WE are joyous, strong, pure, harmonious, whole, caring and powerful Vermonters. We are worth changing for. Worth believing in. De Udder Party ribs the ridiculousness of sticking with politics as they have been crammed at us. It sheds the disempowering problem of dividing us as a unified people. It allows room for us to be standing up for integrity at every level and do it with a smile. De Udder party is non-demonizing open party, designed to alleviate pain, nourish the soul, and allow us to come together as unique individual beings. It's 2014, we need something to look forward to. I am a likely candidate for Governor, so I recognize how politics is a game, and I will play it, for the sole purpose of reaching you with the ideas that will heal our issues. I am thinking of being an Udder Democratic primary contender for Governor.

It's not written in stone what party I'll choose, it doesn't really matter. Maybe I'll be an Udder Republican candidate for Governor in the primary, whatever helps you to hear about the better ideas, hoping you get wind of them soon enough to mull them over! Of course, this is an invite for you to include your power however you manifest it, and I hope you may yet see the light I see ahead, to help shine the stronger, healthier, honorable way bright for our children.

Emily Peyton

Organic Candidate for Governor Campaign 2014



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