Jim Sparkman


To the Editor:

Jim "Sparky" Sparkman and I and my wife at the time Jill Simon arrived in Manchester at about the same time around 1970. Jim actually sold our first spec. house which Jill and I built in Sherwood Forrest in 1973 (1,600 sf) for 35K. Subsequently Jill was an agent for Jim until she opened her own agency.

Jim led the fight against the developer who changed Manchester from a friendly small town to an outlet mall.

While he was unsuccessful he put up the good fight.

He will forever be remembered by folks who mourn the destruction of our once welcoming — populated with lovable locals — to a shopping center that enriches one developer. It has divided the town into the type of separated community found in urban places.

Walking around Manchester, I note few friendly, smiling faces — instead the same blank, bored faces, lacking eye contact that I remember from N.Y.C.

It always stuns me that much of the population of both tourists and present day residents seem to ignore what to me is the greatest thing in the world: MOTHER NATURE which never fails to put a smile on my face.

"Sparky" had many friends and will be missed.

Leonard Dubrow



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