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To the Editor:

Please support the Manchester Community Library. Key word, Community. This is truly a Community gem, built by the community for the community. This community asset replaces the historical yet operationally dysfunctional Mark Skinner Library with a 21st century treasure that is positioned to take us far into the future.

In November 2015, after eight years of extensive and sometimes exhausting planning and private fundraising, the new MCL opened in grand fashion with over 300 people in attendance for an all-day open house with numerous activities taking place throughout, and the use from community members of all ages has continued in its first year at astonishing numbers. The MCL is a magnificent building that not only captures every essence of warmth and comfort and hospitality for all users, it also performs at an unprecedented rate of energy efficiency.

Today's MCL, at double the size of the old Mark Skinner, heats and cools at 38 percent less cost per year. When it comes to saving energy, every dollar not wasted on energy can be spent on programs, events, books, tapes, hours of service to others instead of going up in smoke. This is no small accomplishment and is testimony to those dedicated planners that were committed to providing the community with the best long-term sustainable building possible.

Since day one the community's overwhelming every day use has far exceeded everyone's most optimistic expectations. To continue this success we need your support. Without it, cuts in staff, less hours of operations, and fewer programs. Please vote yes to support the MCL.

Dave Quesnel



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