Israel's existential battle against lies

Surrounded on all sides by people who hide their desire for its absolute destruction behind claims that land for peace is all they seek, Israel not only has to fight for its survival continually against rockets, terror tunnels and suicide bombers, not to mention the impending nuclear threat from Iran which has already stated its heartfelt desire to kill every Jew house to house, but also here in Vermont where the one-sided recitations of supposed fact scream out for rebuttal. This, of course, goes hand in hand with the international media bias which somehow equates the murderous Hamas with some form of "freedom fighter."

So in the past week's Opinon and Forum, we have the twin mostly one-sided or moral equivalence Hamas apologist presentations of Mr. Boothby and Mr. Torre. Mr. Boothby speaks of the Hamas tunnels, brushing quickly past their true purpose, where Hamas will be "spiriting the Israelis back through the tunnels for potential use as political pressure points." Wow, that almost sounds so civilized - so much like a nice international game of tag. I'm sorry, but no, actually what those tunnels are designed to do, Mr. Boothby, is to come up in Kindergartens, schools and homes on Israeli kibbutzim in order to spray automatic fire on as many innocent men, women and children as they can kill before snatching one or two to hold hostage under the threat of cold-blooded murder and, according to the uncovered plan, to do it on the Jewish High Holy Day of Rosh Hoshonah as a special gift. Where's the cry to "Stop the madness?" Where is the empathy for this tiny percentage of the world's population returning to their 3,500 year ancestral home (not stolen, Mr. Torre) after being almost annihilated by the Nazis, who are the spiritual and military forerunners of Hamas? Peace? If Hamas put down its guns there would be no war the same day. If Israel put down its weapons, there would be no more Israel and another 6 million dead Jews or starters.

I am aghast at the hand-wringing over the bloated count of 1,500 civilian deaths with the concomitant sadness that there are not more dead Jews to balance things out as per the national media. First of all, many of those 1,500 supposed civilian deaths are Hamas cowards hiding in civilian clothes.

Secondly those deaths are deliberately caused by Hamas using as human shields their own civilians whose lives they couldn't care less about to shoot from hospitals schools and oh, yes, United Nations facilities. By the way, did you hear about the three UN facilities in Gaza where Hamas weapons were found to be stored? No? I didn't think so. The one-sided media has not wanted to interfere with their portrayal of Gaza and Hamas as victims and the UN as a kind of institutional version of Mother Theresa, pretty blue helmets and all. Oh, do you know what the UN did with the weapons found stored at their facilities? After expressing diplomatic outrage from behind their overpriced desks, they returned the weapons to Hamas! Where was the UN outrage when NATO killed thousands of civilians in Kosovo? Oh, and, speaking of civilian deaths, in the war where we could do no wrong, 55,000 Dresden civilians were fire-bombed out of existence in one night! Talk about a double standard! But after 3,000 rockets are fired into Israel, Israel says finally "Enough," yet methodically warns the Gazan civilians by text, phone and pamphets to evacuate where they are going to bomb, and all of a sudden the civilian deaths caused by the Hamas cowards becomes an international cause celebre with Israel being condemned! Sorry, I'm not buying it and you shouldn't either. Israel risks its soldiers to protect civilians on both sides of the border; Hamas uses its civilians to protect themselves and fires into Israel to kill civilians. Go and Google the French journalist who was surprised to see, but accurately reported, the Hamas rocket launch he witnessed right outside his crowded hotel district where he stayed in Gaza as just one example of Hamas treachery.

Take a look at the map of the area. Israel is the only democracy where liberty is given to all faiths and ethnicities in a sea of monarchical or tyrannical bondage of 22 countries. Mr. Boothby bewails the supposed constraining dimensions of Gaza. Would Gaza seem so hemmed in if they simply stopped firing rockets at Israeli civilians and digging terror tunnels to slaughter them? Where is the bewailing of the geographical huge disadvantage which Israel faces against the 1.8 billion Muslims at least half of which are within 1,000 miles of its New Jersey sized real estate? Where is the bewailing of the Hamas to the south, Hezbollah to the North, Syria to the East all with seemingly unquenchably seething Jew hatred? Oh, and land for peace - what a laugh! Do you know that at the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians were offered 98 percent of what they asked for including West Bank and Gaza and turned it down? Do you know that the evacuated and intact greenhouses built by the Israelis when they lived in Gaza were destroyed by Hamas rather than being used and the "land for peace" which Israel gave up became the new staging ground for bombs on Sderot and Ashkelon in Israel five miles away? Do you know that if the Gazans had taken the huge amount of foreign aid and built a nation instead of terror tunnels and rocket launchers, and stolen into Hamas' Swiss bank accounts, since 2005, they could have built a robust economy? Oh, let's bewail the crowded circumstances - what a farce. There are huge amounts of undeveloped land in Gaza. If terror monies were diverted to development there are great possibilities for prosperous growth and industry also utilizing the miles of beautiful beachfront real estate in Gaza. Look what Israel has built from the desert since 1948! It's a thriving and innovative economy which produces inventions and businesses and agriculture which saves and nurtures lives and serves the world including those who want to kill those inventors, and including world class hospitals to which the Palestinian leaders quietly send their ailing wives.

Hamas has stripped off all pretense and come right out and said that "all Jews must be exterminated." Do you think this really has to do with land? Nonsense. And by the way, all you Jews who think Hamas only means Israeli Jews - they mean you, even if you did once attend a Palestinian rally once to show how enlightened (aka clueless) you are. The thin veneer of pretense that those who are anti-Zionist do not hate all Jews, with certain exceptions, has been stripped away by recent events. There is not a "conundrum" here, there is a situation where Israel simply knows that they must preserve their position against those whose sole mission is to kill them. Mr. Boothby's "conundrum" will only end when Hamas acknowledges Israel's right to exist. Since this will never happen, Israel knows what to do. Absolute clarity.

And you, Mr. Torre, speaking of Israeli legitimate self-defense after years of restraint and absorption by them of thousands of rockets, calling it "atrocities" shame on you! This political correctness which shrugs at 200,000 dead Palestinian and Syrian civilians murdered in less than two years in Syria but screams about supposed 1,500 Gazans in a war of self defense is the kind of abject hypocrisy we have come to expect from the international institutions which purport to care about peace but conceal the sickness of anti-Semitism deep in their corrupted bowels and from those who wouldn't care if Israel was pushed into the sea.

America! Wake up! Israel is the only force on earth that stands between the jihadist murderers and you. They hate Christians and all "infidels" almost as much as they hate Jews. Who will come to America's help if Israel is destroyed?

While I am writing this, the news has come of the "Islamic State" murdering whole villages and/or offering the option of converting to Islam or being butch ered and for dessert warned of planting the "flag of Allah on The White House." If you think Israel is not your issue, please realize that Israel is the only bulwark on earth between America and those sworn to Israel's and America's destruction.

Have you ever considered what is behind all this hatred of Jews? The answer to this question is beyond the province of this article. But I urge all people of good will to endeavor to answer it for themselves and please consider carefully before deigning to drink deeply of demonically disingenuous deceit disguised as dialogue.

Lawrence Zupan is a local real estate broker and long time observer of world and political events. He lives in Manchester.


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