Is the problem an ideology or the tool?


To the Editor:

Careful thought of the reasons for terrorist events divulges an abhorrent ideology in the perversion of a Religion's codes such as the Koran and Shariia Law. The perpetrators of this violent ideology want to kill us for the simple reason that we practice another religion. They have also targeted gay, lesbian and trans-gender individuals. We are labeled infidels. These killers have used hand and long guns, automobiles, airplanes, pressure cooker and pipe bombs, knives, and hatchets as tools of murder. We have been warned that in the future they will be using biological and small atomic weapons.

Our government's response is to insist on additional gun restrictions. In the last incident, the killer had a 9mm handgun and an AR-15 civilian issue long gun (labeled erroneously by the media as an assault weapon).

The fact is that an M16 is a military assault weapon that fires a bullet if placed in an AR-15 would do serious damage to the weapon. Also an M16 is fully automatic and can fire bursts of three bullets or a continuous stream of bullets. The AR-15 fires a small caliber low powered bullet suitable for plinking target shooting, not for hunting animals or people — but it looks like the M16.

Our government believes that we are stupid and would buy the solution that additional gun control legislation would stop the terrorism. Our constitutional way to solve the problem is at the polls in this upcoming election. Vote for the Party whose platform and individual candidates espouse logical solutions.

Perry Green Chairman

Manchester Republican Club


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