Insult to Democracy

To the Editor:

Gov. Jan Brewer pushes through "OBamaCare" No, it is not a misprint. Gov. Brewer, an outspoken conservative Republican opponent of "Obama Care," has now warmly embraced it. Thanks to a coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats, they sent her a bill in the middle of June extending Obama Care to an estimated 300,000 low income uninsured Arizonans, turning the state into the unlikeliest of "Obama Care" allies. This at a crucial time for the White House.

In a recent column I wrote about the extreme right wing Republican crazies, I said they weren't stupid. That many were quite intelligent. I was wrong. They are both unwise and intransigent, willing to stop funding federal programs on October 1 if they do not force the president to defund - in effect, repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The bill passed both houses, was signed by the President, and upheld by the Supreme Court. What the Republican crazies, (Sen. John McCain once called them "cuckoo birds"), want to do is a defiant insult to democracy itself, to every American who loves this country and who lives by the laws and regulations of it. Tragically, some of these ideologues never learn, yes, they are to be pitied, but they're also to be censored. They are a disgrace to the great party of Lincoln, of Teddy Roosevelt, of Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush Senior.

Hal DeBona



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