Injection of reality

To the Editor:

This writer would like to interject a little reality into the discussion of gun control. The left's latest attempt to take away the ability of the people to defend themselves against any threat, from without or within, as guaranteed by the Second amendment to the Constitution, is no more apparent than the gun control legislation just introduced by the left in the Democratic Party. Two of the shock phrases they use to work to get rid of our weapons, is "automatic" and "semi-automatic." The difference between a full automatic and a semi-automatic is an automatic weapon spits bullets for as long as you hold the trigger back. You would need to be able to literally "walk on water" to own a fully automatic weapon.

A "semi-automatic" is a weapon that can fire multiple bullets, but you have to pull the trigger after each round has fired. If they try to take away these weapons, they will effectively be controlling 90 percent of the weapons owned by hunters, sportsmen, and people who use guns to protect themselves. All the government needs to do then, is to confiscate the weapons you have whenever they decide you are a bigger danger than the criminals they can't control, and they have already introduced the legislation to do just that. This ain't their first rodeo.

When I was 17-years-old, I did a hitch in the Army. During my one hitch this writer was a squad leader in a weapons squad and the weapon I controlled was a Browning M1919A6 air cooled 30 caliber machine gun and my TO&E side arm was a Colt 45 cal. semi-automatic. The rest of my squad was armed with cal. 30.06 semi-automatic rifles. We could never own or possess that automatic in civilian life, (nor would I want one) but can legally own either of the latter, unless the socialists declare otherwise.

We were given that responsibility, so we could defend our country against perceived threat from North Korea that the politicians wanted us to defend our people (and the politicians) against.

Now, the threat we face is here, not against the politicians, but against the people. But, all of a sudden we good men and women, with an over abundance of experience, cannot be trusted with many of the weapons we need to defend ourselves and our families against an enemy that is well armed and out of control.

So it looks to this writer like the need to defend our freedoms didn't end when we were honorably discharged.

It would be tragic, if we allow a bunch of people much of whom couldn't march a corporal's guard through a close order drill, to talk us out of the freedoms so many of our comrades fought so gallantly to preserve.

Lawrence E. Harrington Bennington


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