Include dental care

To the Editor:

Adult Dental Care is a no-brainer for Green Mountain Care Board.

As the Green Mountain Care Board wrestles with whether or not to include adult dental care coverage as a covered service, I know from personal experience, and the experience of many of my friends, that dental coverage is an absolute necessity if Vermonters are truly wanting to promote preventive services in order to save money on heart attacks and other related problems. It has been shown, recently, that dental problems often lead to many other more serious infections down the road. As a Medicare recipient, dental care is very expensive and many dentists will not even give you an appointment unless you have dental insurance if you are low income. I have always been proud of the fact that I have taken good care of my teeth and been able to pay for good dental care, but not any more.

I have called all over the State to see if I could find reduced cost coverage.

The VTC dental hygiene clinic in Williston had been a Godsend in the past few years, but now it takes two trips from Montpelier to even get the cleaning done, say nothing of X-rays.

As the cost of gas continues to rise, it costs more to drive there than to go locally and pay full price.

I did recently find a dental clinic in Morrisville, part of the FQHC there, that will give me 50 percent reduction in the first $200 of services. After that it is full price, I guess.

Montpelier does not pay into the Plainfield Health Center, and thus as a noncontributing town, Montpelier residents receive no low income discounts, even though it is much closer than Morrisville. Perhaps I just need to wait a year or two more until I have used up all my resources which are only earning 1 percent now, anyway, and can apply for Medicaid.

Or maybe I can get coverage to have all my teeth pulled. As one of Romney's 47 percent who consider ourselves victims, I guess we really are. As many of us older Vermonters know, if you didn't pay poll taxes years ago, you couldn't even vote. Maybe Gov. Romney would like to bring us back to those days.

Mary Alice Montpelier


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