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To the Editor:

Last week you published a letter from an unhappy mother of one of the exhibitors at the recent Manchester Fall Art and Craft Festival. We respectfully wish to respond.

We really seek original work and want the artist or someone directly involved with the company at the show. In the case of My Pillow, the person at the show, is actually part owner. The company is from Minnesota. The pillows are made in the USA and the inventor and owner of the company has a patent of these pillows. While not the typical item found at a craft show, this exhibitor attends numerous other "craft" shows.

While most of our exhibitors are from Vermont and the Northeast, we have always welcomed craftspeople from all over the country and Canada too. As for dollhouses made in China, we are completely unaware of such products. We enforce a "no imports policy." If an exhibitor suspects there is an importer present, we expect to be informed so that we can enforce the policy. Sometimes we do not see everything.

We have produced shows for three decades. They have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. Our layouts with 10x10 booths is the standard at the finest shows anywhere. Our program is printed about two weeks before the show. It is unavoidable that there may be a last minute addition or cancellation. A person who canceled months in advance would not be in the program.

I think that the frustration expressed in the letter was due to a really tough weekend. With all the rain the attendance suffered and we did not have our usual good turnout. We are hopeful that one of these years we catch a weather break at our Fall craft show. There's nothing like a busy show to cheer up exhibitors.

Tim Cianciola and Charley Dooley Festival Organizers Charlotte, Vt.


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