Hotel, spa would be a plus

To the Editor:

How many members of our community have relocated their national businesses? Asia Minor Carpets in Manchester, opened an additional business, Depot 62, and a restaurant in our community. This is what Alp Basdogan has done over the last 10 years. Now with his partner Suzanne Tremblay have enough confidence in our future and our community to do more. They have the foresight to design and build a unique facility like the Aeolus Mountain Hotel and Spa. This will be a new diversified destination for new visitors from around the world to visit Manchester. They are doing this with their own money, not requiring any special treatment or variances, simply taking the risk to help us improve the quality of life in our communities with new and unique services, and most importantly new jobs. How can we allow a few selfish uninformed individuals who are not business owners, who have their own personal agendas stop an exciting project that will provide new jobs, new visitors, additional tax revenue to the state and our communities, and additional potential investors to help start complementary businesses to cater to these new visitors and residents. We as residents and our regulators can't let a few people destroy possibilities and dreams for so many.

Local shops will benefit from an influx of shoppers who would not be here if not for the Aeolus Mountain Hotel and Spa. There will be permanent and part time jobs, and the new visitors will have an opportunity to dine at our restaurants. The list goes on. Now if the time to speak out and support our neighbors, and this wonderful project, and get the construction started for this wonderful addition to our community.

Alp and Suzanne are kind, caring, sensitive, and creative. They have shown their commitment to us, and want to add a positive business to our community. We should embrace and thank them, not fight and delay the building of this project.

Arthur Klonsky



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