Holding pattern

To the Editor:

Why does the Arlington RecPark not identify its Board Members? Why won't the Arlington Recreation and Park Committee, Inc. (ARP) make public a list of its board of directors members? According to Mr. Todd Daloz, of the State Attorney General's Office, information like this, from state chartered nonprofit corporations, should be made available without question. This information is important to the community since the Board is involved in the public dispute between the RecPark and the Town of Arlington. Unfortunately, Mr. Jack Lee, President of the ARP Committee, Inc. has not responded to my request for this information.

I requested this in my letter of Sept. 21. I sent a follow-up letter on Oct. 29 to Mr. Robert E. Woolmington, the attorney representing the ARP in its dispute with the Town of Arlington on Oct. 29. I spoke to Mr. Woolmington on Nov. 16 and he said he had forwarded my letter to Mr. Jack Lee. To date I have not had a response. It is important for the residents of the communities of Arlington, Sandgate and Sunderland to know who is on the Board and when the members' terms expire. This should be of public interest because of the controversy being played out in the media on determining who is in charge of the RecPark.

Until this dispute is settled, major improvements to the RecPark (i. e. remediation of the tennis courts and basketball courts) will not be made. During the past year, the RecPark has been maintained by the Town of Arlington but the endowment fund, that could be used to fund major projects, is under the control of the ARP Board of Directors has not been used. Unless there is a resolution to the dispute between the Town and the RecPark, no capital improvements will approved by the ARP Board of Directors.

One third of the existing Board Members' terms will expire in March 2013. In addition, new directors will be elected to fill vacancies arising from resignations of existing Board members during the previous year. It is possible that the election of new board members can change the current stalemate between the town and the ARP and resolve this dispute. It is therefore critical to know who is on the Board, identifying the number of open positions, when members were elected, and when their terms expire.

How about a response Jack?

Andy Heikaus

Former president of the ARP Committee



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