Hillary and Megyn


To the Editor;

Hillary Clinton thinks that Fox New's Megyn Kelly is a "superb journalist." That's what she said, no kidding! She's either so tone deaf that she can't tell the difference between Fox News, CNN and MSNBC or she really believes that Megyn Kelly is great. CNN and MSNBC have been courting Hillary for president for months and she is the coronated Democrat. Actually, what Hillary is trying to do is throw barbs at Trump in this exchange. Megyn Kelly became an instant celebrity when Trump said she was a "bimbo" for posing in GQ magazine. The photos of her are in a bathing suit and are sexy, but no more then you'd see at the beach in July. This does not make her a bimbo, but non-the-less it is odd for a journalist, lawyer to do this. Megyn likes to ask Trump and other politicians rather embarrassing questions. These rhetorical, leading and probing questions are techniques that lawyers use to cross examine a defendant on the witness stand while under oath and penalty of perjury. This got her and Fox in trouble after Trump, who said Megyn is a "lightweight and overrated" pulled out of their debates. They had to cancel and it cost the network money. In the TV business that's bad.

So, Hillary thinks Megyn is wonderful and Trump took at bite of the apple and is now hated by most women. Wow! What a guy! Hillary thinks that if she can play on this theme she'll beat Trump. But, wait just a minute! Trump is not the Republican nominee yet and Cruz and others are chomping at the bit to run against Hillary or Bernie. Is Hillary taking something for granted here? She may regret saying what she did about Megyn Kelly. After all, Fox News is right wing!

Tom King



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