Heart of the Village Yoga offers Yoga Nidra

MANCHESTER VILLAGE - Heart of the Village Yoga Studio is offering a Yoga Nidra class on Sunday, Feb. 23 from 3-4 p.m. Yoga Nidra is a technique for entering into a deeply relaxed state that swiftly heals and repairs the physical, mental, and emotional body. Minutes of Yoga Nidra are equivalent in their regenerative power to hours of deep sleep.

"I haven't felt that relaxed since the last time I had anesthesia," said Russell Dean, MS, LMHC, after experiencing a Yoga Nidra session Dean is a Vietnam veteran with back injuries.

Once settled into Savasana (relaxation pose) participants will be asked to privately create a sankalpa (intention), an expression of their heart's deepest desire, stated as though it's already happening in the present moment. The class will then be led through body scanning, rotation of consciousness, breathing, and guided imagery techniques, inducing a deep state of relaxation and healing. It could be said that the main purpose of yoga nidra is to realize one's sankalpa.

Unlike more athletic forms of yoga, Yoga Nidra does not require familiarity with yoga poses and is intended purely as a meditative, restorative, class, where deep healing takes place. No experience necessary. The class is taught by Jo Kirsch, E-RYT500.

The fee is $12 in advance and $14 at the door. To register, contact Kirsch at 802-379-4514 or jo@heartofvillageyoga.com or register at Heart of the Village Yoga Studio, 3556 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Manchester Village, Vermont 05254.


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