Grace Christian School


Highest Honors: Isabella Champney, Samantha LaRoche, Jassie Fang, David Niemi, Cole Benoit, Lily Slate, XinYi Chen, Wade Greene, Abby Barber, Ian Slate, Julia Aalderink, Adelle Woodcock, Katie Greene, Kaiden Galusha, Emily Jones, Jeshua Galusha, Judy Zhou, and Jerry Cheng.

High Honors: Graci Burns, Dennis Park, Lilah Aalderink, Erica Kanonik, Jacob LaRoche, Chayla Greenslet, Kamryn Capriola, Michael Niemi, Emily Van Dyk, Alissa Boucher, Karen Nishizawa, Cindy Stearns, Gage Prouty, Wyatt Greene, and William Reed.

Honors: Bryce VanVoorhis, Portia Pratt, Solomon Sakellar, Jayden DeCell, Chantel Goodhue, Molly Champney, Kelly Park, Joshua Boucher, Isaiah King, John Zhang, Jason Hu, Hannah Baldwin, and Courtney Stannard.

Merit: Amaya King, Isabelle Woodcock, Gabriel Derosia, Tyler Jones, Ryan Strickland, Louis Marie Louivents Dorante, Yokey Liu, Darby Martell, Aaron Spiller, Madelyn Jones, Tommy Wei, and Eric Croka.


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