Going with Goodwin

To the Editor:

In our smaller mountain communities here in Windham County, it is not uncommon to have two friends or two long term good acquaintances running against one another to represent us in Monpelier. Once again that is the case for me.

I must congratulate young Emmett for having the enthusiasm and the community service desire, to consider serving in our state legislature. However this is not about nice speeches or well meaning promises. We need the experience, the professionalism, the proven ability with the business and the administrative expertise of Tim Goodwin to represent us at Montpelier. Our state is in extremely serious financial and economic difficulty. Strong measures need to be taken to restore common sense and sound government. We need all the experience and all the ability we can bring to bear at this time in the State House. Goodwin has that ability and that experience in abundance.

We are most fortunate that someone as qualified, as dedicated and as proven as Tim Goodwin is able and willing to represent us in Montpelier at this time. It is difficult and demanding service. Let us make very sure we vote on Nov. 6 to send this exceptional candidate to our State capital next January.

David Hoopes



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