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SUNDERLAND - School News Update - Best Field Trip Ever, Flood Brook Playground Build, MEMS Fiesta, Fisher Red Carpet Read, Currier Big Maps.

Channel 16, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.; Channel 8, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Neighborhood Connections - Medical questions asked and answered.

Channel 15, Monday at 7:30 p.m., Thursday at 10:30 a.m., Sunday at 3:30 p.m.; Channel 8, Tuesday at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Sunday at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

First Wednesdays - Philosophy scholar Susanne Claxton explores what constitutes the examined life and how people may best pursue it.

Channel 16, Wednesday at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., Sat at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Channel 8, Wednesday at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., Sat at 11:30 a.m.

Exceptional Retirees Award Dinner - Award Dinner held at Equinox Village in Manchester.

Channel 15, Wednesday at 8 a.m., Friday at 6:30 p.m., Saturday at 10 p.m.

The Way Home - Guests, John O'Keefe and Judy Dunn talk about the Manchester Dog Park.

Channel 15, Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., Thursday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 6:30 p.m.; Channel 8, Thursday at 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m., Sat at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Danny Frank - Host Danny Frank talks with author David McCullough Jr.

Channel 15, Monday at 4 p.m., Thursday at 6:30 a.m., Sunday at 12:30 p.m.; Channel 8, Tuesday, Saturday at 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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