Funk in Funktionlust


DORSET - This past Saturday evening, a bold approach to performance art splashed onto the padded floorboards of the Dorset Playhouse: Vital Spark North's production of Funktionlust, a multi-media collaboration by Erika and Gary Schmidt, sponsored in part by the Greater Manchester Arts Council. Featuring modern dance, Chopin nocturnes, original pieces for piano and cello, and evocative audio-visual texturing throughout, this frontal blitz on the senses left me reeling for words to describe. Among other things, the prolific production spun out startling impressions of a bird-like transmutation, of classical parlor decor in an elegiac pathos, of what struck me as murky emotional depth-titudes, of collaged circle sequences, of a chair-ful ly mesmerizing political lampoon, of sea nymphs and a sun-worshipper engaged in an exuberant seaside synchronoscape, for lack of a better term. The building arrangement of pieces in this unique production sent me along its tide to places and states at once adventurous and gratifying. Such an evening of sensory stimuli will, no doubt, stick with me for some time.


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