From Founders to Far Left

To the Editor:

Last week, I took extreme exception to the Tea Party being depicted as a snarling dog in a propaganda cartoon published in this paper.

A gentleman from Rupert, assessing my description of far left-wing extremists as people who hate the foundations upon which this country was built has accused me of hate speech as well, by lumping all far-left wing extremists into a group.

A respect for his position therefore elicits the following response from me: Let us consider the positions generally held by the Founders of the United States of America against the well-documented positions of the far left wing to see if I exaggerated: 1. Founders: Gave their lives for liberty ; Far Left Wing: Believe liberty only pertains up to the point where it is subsumed into the all knowing wisdom of the state which purports to re-arrange the lives of its citizens for "the greater good."

2. Founders: Believed that rights are ordained by God: Far Left Wing: Believe rights are conferred upon citizens by the state; 3. Founders: Believed that the U. S. Constitution which they labored over is the foundation for preserving the liberty for which the Revolutionary War was fought; Far Left Wing: Believe the U. S. Constitution may be euphemistically termed a "living document," by which they mean it can be shabbily stepped upon and ignored as is convenient to the fashion of the moment, oh no, wait, I mean the legislature can enact laws which totally disregard the Constitution; 4. Founders: Believed that the right to keep and bear arms was essential to prevent the sort of tyranny from which our country had just been forcibly extricated: Far Left Wing: Believe that nice people shouldn't have guns; 5. Founders: Believed in limited government and that such government as would exist would be to protect life liberty and property from criminals and from an overbearing government: Far Left Wing: The government can do no wrong therefore it should be grown and grown with no limits whatever; 6. Founders: Believed in personal responsibility for one's own life: Far Left Wing: Government responsibility for people's lives, such as it is; 7. Founders: Believed in the sanctity of property rights: Far Left Wing: Property rights are wholly secondary to the needs, nay, the demands of the government, as in unending taxation and restrictions on property; 8. Founders: Believed that the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution and adherence to the principles contained therein would produce a great country of liberty and productive citizens; Far Left Wing: Should we still teach our children about these documents written by dead white men? I will stop now, or this letter will never fit in the Editorial column. And books have been written on this subject by many more erudite and well-studied than myself.

However, if the gentleman from Rupert would assess that these statements above, which I put forward as fact, is vitriol or hate speech, as he has graciously allowed me, he is welcome to his opinion.

For me, those who attack the foundations upon which the greatest country in history has been built, namely the United States of America, deserve to be roundly exposed for what they are. . . haters of those very foundations.

Lawrence Zupan



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