Four unexpected ways to use aluminum foil


Kick static with foil balls

Skip static cling and the chemicals that come with dryer sheets. Instead, tear off a 2-foot sheet of aluminum foil and crumple into a tight ball. Then toss in the dryer with wet clothes.


Save your oven with one step

Tired of cleaning your oven after ever messy meal? Place a piece or two of foil on the oven rack under whatever you might be making that would boil, bubble or cause trouble to your clean oven.


Make the perfect crust

Keep your pie crust edges from browning by putting a ring of foil around your crust, keeping the rest of the pie uncovered. Halfway into baking, slip the foil over the crust. Leave it on until the pie is done.


Give cold pizza a crispy reheat

Avoid soggy microwave pizza by reheating yours on the stove in a skillet covered with foil. After about five minutes the cheese will melt. The foil reflects heat without trapping steam inside.


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