For GMO labeling

To the Editor:

A GMO labeling law is currently being developed in the Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee. Law H. 112, when passed, will require the labeling of foods that have been genetically modified and of processed foods that include genetically modified ingredients. Senators around the state have said that they have heard more from their constituents on this issue than any other in recent history and a majority of them are in favor of the passing of this bill. I too am in full support of a strong GMO labeling bill.

I want to know what I am eating. When I can't grow a food myself, I look for a local farmer that grows it. When I can't find a local source, I search for the most sustainable option at my local food co-op. I want to know what I am eating because I understand the complex food system that we rely on. I know that my choices matter in creating a more just, environmentally responsible, sustainable, healthy and wholesome world food system. Right now, I don't know if I am eating GMOs because they are not labeled.

If I want to avoid GMOs for health, political or religious reasons, I have no way to do this. One might expect a product with the word "Natural" on it's label would be GMO-free, but this is not the case. This deceptive labeling is confusing to the consumer. GMOs should be labeled as such.

Given all the health problems we are seeing in our population today, we need as many tools as we can fit into our toolbox to ensure that our food is healthy.

I encourage anyone who eats, to contact their legislators and let them know that you support them in passing H. 112 without a trigger clause.

Brooke Decker



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