Flood Brook School Receives PBIS Certificate

LONDONDERRY - Flood Brook School has just been awarded a Certificate of Recognition for dedication and commitment to implementing Positive Behavior Intervention and Support initiative (PBIS). FBUS distinguishes itself from other schools in the area with this award.

The goal of PBIS is to maximize good behavior by reinforcing positive student behaviors. It is a three-tiered intervention system that offers support for all students. Tier one rewards good conduct by giving younger students pugmarks. Middle School students each have a paw card, which gets initialized by their teachers, when they act in a way that reflects the Flood Brook's five standards of behavior: Cooperation, Responsibility, Honesty, Safety, Respect.

To be recognized as a PBIS school, it must have at least three to five standards of behavior, which must be positively stated (i.e. "Walk" rather than "Don't run," "Be honest," instead of "Don't lie,") and posted throughout the school.

Tier two is meant for students who need more support, and when tier two is not effective, tier three is there to provide a more individualized plan.

It is essential that all staff members teach and reinforce the model behavior. Middle School students in the drama club, called the Stand Up Actors, model the expectations on stage. The Flood Brook PBIS team, made up of four teachers, two administrators and a community member, is excited for this year's monthly assemblies as they are a great venue for skits.


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